Security Systems

Security Systems rely on Technology as a foundation to function. At Primordial Technology services we offer access control and CCTV installations

01. CCTV

We supply and install CCTV camera’s with recording devices based on your needs. Whether it be a 2 camera system or a 30 camera system. If you need to access the camera remotely, we got you too!


Access control has become a vital part of our businesses. We need to control the access given to certain individuals and also know who is in the building at any time. With our access control systems we can assist you in a more controlled working environment


The latest addition to our services and products are drones. We stock, maintain and repair drones. Drones can be programmed to survey certain areas at certain times. Essentially being a security guard that can alert you and record any movement.


Not a new technology, but a necessary one. In the age we live today we need to have a security system. We can assist with setting up and maintaining of security systems in your home or business.

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