I.T Management

I.T Management is a core function of our business. We provide you with I.T support with strict SLA’s to ensure minimal downtime. We provide routine and preventative maintenance on all your I.T equipment, ensuring peace of mind that your staff are well equiped. In addition, we provide 3rd party management. If you have any existing service or equipment with someone else, we can communicate with them. Leaving you with one call to make for any I.T issue.


We as a business takeover your I.T worries and stresses. We provide a single point of contact for all your I.T issues. The ways we assist you are usually bespoke and Taylor-made to suit your business. We can talk about this forever so please contact us for more info about this. 


This is where we come out to your business to do preventative maintenance on your equipment. This maintenance not only prevents disruptions and failures of your equipment, but we can also identify issues that are about to happen and resolve them before it costs your business more financially.


Naturally with building relationships over the years we are able to get equipment at very competitive prices. This is not a core function of our business, but we do assist our clients with the best prices for hardware so they can continue to focus on increasing profits

04. I.T Installations

It has often been forgotten that all I.T equipment needs to be installed, configured or even assembled. This would usually also be a service of out I.T management. If you would like us to install computers, run networking cable or setting up of any I.T equipment then contact us

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